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Professional growth is important to any profession. This page lists training opportunities, articles of interest and links to informative websites. If you have information that would be of interest to parent educators - a useful resource, conference, training event or workshop - email the details to [email protected] Information is organized into one of five categories - articles of interest, books, conferences/workshops, multi-media, and websites.


Buzz Groups - an article highlighting the why and how of group activity.
Brainstorming - an important aspect of group dynamics.
Drama Triangle - an interesting perspective as to group process.
Family Characteristics of Problem Kids - an excerpt from 'National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth', Doug Wilms
Parenting Information Sheet - a fact sheet outlining particpant response to the question 'what factors affect health and well-being of children and youth'? as posed by the Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Centered Communities - Saskatoon Site


The Art of Teaching Adults Peter Renner
How to Become An Exceptional Instructor and Facilitator (1999, Training Associates Limited)
This book is an invaluable resource to anyone working with adults in a facilitation/teaching role, providing hands on, practical and thought provoking ideas.
Who, Me Lead a Group? Jean Illsley Clark, M.A.
This practical book takes you step-by-step from planning to leading your meeting successfully. An invaluable aid for anyone working with adults in community and religious organizations, training, counseling, business, schools, hospitals, social services, etc. Available through Parenting Press.
Working With Parents, Dolores Currans
If you work with parents in any context, you'll want this popular handbook filled with practical, usable suggestions and techniques for: reexamining traditional assumptions about parents, listening to identify parents needs, conducting groups that empower parents and dealing with problem parents.
Vulnerable Children *D. *Wilms* (ed.),
Findings from the Canadian Longitudinal Study of Children and Youth (Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 2002)
But Nobody Told Me I'd Ever Have to Leave Home. Kathy Lynn
A useful resource for parents raising children to become successful, independent adults.
9 Ways to Bring Out the Best In You & Your Child. Maggie Reigh.
A unique book on parenting that is fun and filled with new insights on parent-child relationships, providing practical ideas for turning power struggles into powerful relationships and for raising respectful, responsible and resilient children.


Parents Matter
May 22-25, 2007
Ottawa, Ontario, CA

OCTOBER 10, 11 & 12, 2007
Regina Saskatchewan, CA
For more information on this event, please email Wanda Blake, Family Service Regina or call at 306.757.6675


Family and Friends Video Series - 26 episodes highlighting a variety of aspects related to parenting such as 'play', 'choices' and 'how to talk to teens' name a few. Expert Barbara Coloroso is interviewed as well as 'real' families. Episode synopsis is attached. For more information call WestWind pictures 416.516.4414.

Momentary Magic - an inspirational video highlighitng moments of connection with children - for more information contact [email protected]. To preview the inspirational video created, click here.

This site offers a wealth of information following Michelle Borba?s no nonsense approach to raising self reliant, responsible children.

A website highlighting the work of the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development. The Centre identifies and summarizes the best scientific work on social and emotional development of young children and makes this information available to service planners, service providers and policy makers. **Voices for Children promotes the well-being of children and youth in Ontario by disseminating information to influence policy, practice and awareness.*

Do you have a conference, training event or workshop that would be of interest to parent educators? If yes, please email the details to [email protected].


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Five essential leadership qualities:
1.Leaders seek commitment, they don't settle for compliance.
2.Leaders focus on results, not activities.
3.Leaders learn, and help others learn, from mistakes.
4.Leaders encourage and challenge, they don't over-control.
5.Leaders reward courage, not caution.

Getting a Grip on Results, by Bruce Klatt, Shaun Murphy & David Murphy

Working with Parent Groups: 

A Handbook for Facilitators – a tool for parent educators.   Many concepts are explored such as what research tells us about parent education, group dynamics, resources and much more.  For more information and to order –

The Weaving Literacy Planning Guide

A field manual for literacy planning that provides tools and timeframes for organizations that wish to develop a literacy plan.

Planning Guide

Family Resource Programs of Canada invites parent educators to participate in a new survey for parent educators A survey on parenting education practices has been created to capture the “practice wisdom” of people who do this work in Canada. It also aims at finding out what obstacles practitioners encounter when they try to follow promising practices. Please take a few minutes to complete this quick survey about the practices you value in your work here. Your input will contribute to the development of a resource of promising practices which will be widely distributed across Canada. More...

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