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Winter 2006/07 (3 mb pdf)

The Winter 2006/07 edition of Parenting Education News is now available on line.

This edition looks at parenting from the perspective of different generations - baby boomers, generation X and Y and pre boomers. Overindulgement is also examined as well as specific marketing strategies found to be appealing to each generation.

Fall 2006 (1.2 mb pdf)

The Fall 2006 edition of Parenting Education News is now available on line.

This edition explores the concept of change offering suggestions on changing how a group functions, providing a framework of change on a personal level and also change in how parent support is viewed. Download your copy now.

Parenting Education News is produced three times throughout the year.

Premiere Edition January 2005

This issue of Parenting News is all about creating memories and building relationships.

Memories are always waiting to be created, regardless of the situation or those involved. Time taken to think about how we create memories and meaningful relationships, sustain them and enhance them is time well spent.

We know that human nature determines that people crave a sense of belonging or purpose – this can be found within the context of family, friends, formal or informal support settings or the community at large – and is true for all members of our society – children, youth and adults.

Mary Gordon (Roots Of Empathy) in an interview with Voices for Children (November 2003) states that ‘one person makes a difference all the time (in the life of a child) because children have relationships one by one. Ms.Gordon goes on to explain that ‘the vulnerability studies say that it just takes one person to be totally engaged and interested in the child to motivate the child. We have to start now to create the kind of society that will embrace all of the children, that will feel responsible for yours, mine and ours’.

I hope this newsletter inspires you to make that difference! For more information on Mary Gordon and the Roots of Empathy program, please visit - is also a wonderful resource.


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“What do you see yourself doing three years from now?” It’s the kind of question one might ponder over a glass of wine by the fire on a long winter’s night. But, if it’s a good question, why save it only for dark and melancholy moments?
A friend and colleague often opens her conversations with just this question. The result? An exchange that goes deep fast.


Where and how do you start your exchanges with others? And, how often do you get past the surface veneer of polite conversation to a more meaningful dialogue?
Susan Scott, author of Fierce Conversations, believes that we can create more meaningful lives, one conversation at a time. She observes, “If you want to transform the relationship, you have to have the conversation.

When the conversation is real, the change occurs before the conversation is over.”
What will you ask about today? How closely will you listen to the answer?
“Speak and listen as if this is the most important conversation you will ever have with this person. It could be. Participate as if it matters. It does.” - Susan Scott

For more on quality conversations, see this article describing the seven principles of Fierce Conversations:
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